Best Travelling destinations in Nigeria

Planning to Visit Nigeria? Here are the best Travelling Destinations in Nigeria.

There are lots of amazing vacation destinations in this world.

Some of these destinations are a commonplace where many people tend to visit, but if you are here for a new experience, then you should definitely check out the best vacation destinations in Nigeria.

Nigeria is not in the top priorities of people who plan to go on a vacation but hood your decision for a moment and read this article before you plan to go on a vacation.

There are many interesting and vacation friendly places in Nigeria which you should explore. 

#4 Best Travelling Destinations in Nigeria for me!

#1 Obudu Cattle Ranch

Calaber–Obudu Cattle Ranch has a luxurious resort that consists of a large water park which is a hotspot for a family vacation who comes during summer.

Apart from the water park, there are swimming pools, horse riding, and bonfire.

The resort is surrounded by mountains and forests so a family who likes to do hiking can get their experience in this place.

The facilities are excellent, and the accommodation is nice and chill.

You will feel like you are surrounded by nature while spending time in the resort bonding with your family. 

#2 Yankari Games Reserve

A perfect place for a family who wants to some experience in the wildlife.

Yankari is a beautiful wildlife reserve where visitors can have their sight on 50 species including baboons, elephants, and Hippo.

Apart from the wildlife experience, there is Marshall Cave system, and wikki warm springs which are the attraction point of the location and people can swim in the Wikki Warmriver while breathing in the fresh, natural wildlife air.

You will not forget the experience that you get from here. The accommodation is also great with both outdoor and indoor sports facilities. 

#3 OkomuNational Park

Edo State –Okomu National Park is a rain forest where there are many species of birds chirping around, and you will be amazed when you see them showing their acrobatic shows while you are chilling outside the rented accommodation.

It is one of the best places for a family vacation, especially if your children like watching animals.

You will also get to see white-throated monkey if you get lucky and it is a million dollar sight.

The accommodations are comfortable and right in the depth of the rain forest.

#4 Tinappa Business Resort

This one is a little different and far from the natural wildlife or rain forest, but it does not mean, and it is not an exotic vacation spot.

This place is famous for wholesale and retail trade. This free trade zone also has entertainment spots and leisure.

The area is surrounded by local Metropolitan Life, and you can definitely have a quality time with your family in the children’s arcade and several cinema halls located in the area.

Amphitheatre, pubs, and restaurants are also here where you can expect a commercial lifestyle.

So these were some of the best Travelling destinations in Nigeria.